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European funds make dreams come true! The unique technology in Romania, in geodesy and cadastre, in Botoșani City

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European funds make dreams come true!
The unique technology in Romania, in geodesy and cadastre, in Botoșani City

Success stories, possible with the support of Regio Nord-Est 2014-2020

A few years ago it was just a prototype. And a dream. Today it`s a unique model in Romania and belongs to a beneficiary of the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020. The equipment we are talking about is a complex mobile 3D scanning system used in geodesy, topography, and cadastre, a model found in less than 10 copies in Europe and, as of February 2022, unique in our country. The submitted project has a total value of almost 1 million euros, with the non-refundable financial assistance of 600k euros, and included 4 graphics stations, a server, licenses, training, and a mobile photovoltaic system.

Adriana Bâlbă is the person who dreamed of this scanner ever since she saw it for the first time, at an international fair, and wanted to bring it to the North-East region, in Botoșani. Adriana is the manager of the company Geodezie Cadastru Moldova SRL since 2013, the beneficiary of POR 2014-2020, she is constantly concerned about the evolution in this area and believes that this mobile scanner helps her to keep up with technology. The moment she saw this equipment at the international fair was like a revelation.

``I was like a child who wanted a toy very badly``

Because she always wanted to be up to date with all the news in the field, Adriana remembers that in 2009 she participated in a world-class trade fair, held annually in Germany, InterGeo. There she saw how technology can help her in this area of geodesy, how important it is, and how many advantages it brings. At this fair, she saw for the first time a 3D mobile scanner for the cadastre. „I was like a child who saw a toy she wanted in a giftshop window„, says Adriana. The price for this kind of equipment was, as expected, very high. Over time, analyzing the market, she realized that she couldn’t make such an investment and looked for solutions. “I started with a wish. What if… What if we owned something like this? I was thinking how it would be, everything would change, the advantages, the services that we offered would be various. I wanted an evolution because it was needed. You want more from a technological point of view, especially on the cadastral topography side,” says Adriana.

Then she thought about European funds. Theoretically, it was a simple project, with few purchases, but she had the surprise of support being refused, one by one, by two consulting firms from Bucharest and Suceava. Time was passing, and there was little left until the deadline for submitting projects, but she did not give up. She continued to believe in her project and reached, on the last mile, another consultant from Iași City, with whom she collaborated until the end. „We were lucky enough to be recommended a consulting firm from Iași City, and although at first we only talked by phone, I believed in them, and they believed in the project. I submitted the project with great emotions and knew that the chances were 50-50. I hoped with all my heart that we would get this chance. It was both luck and desire. When our project was approved I couldn’t believe it, it was a dream come true. Now we just have to prove that we deserved this system and make it work as best we can. This period also allowed us to put the situations together, to arrange everything in such a way that at this moment we are ready for the implementation of the project and dedicate ourselves with full openness. It’s a new system, we take any information from scratch, we make one step at a time„, says Adriana Bâlbă.

Training with specialists from Germany and Finland

The scanner arrived from the supplier in February this year, and since then the whole team has been… learning. Online training is held with specialized people from Germany and Finland. Being a very complex device, this training is made of stages of theory and practice. The first stage, of measurements, has already been completed, with the corresponding number of training hours. Next is the data processing part, according to the schedule, and by the end of the year, all training steps must be completed.

At the moment, the system is used for tests, during which the whole team learns practically, but also for work where details are needed, especially in topography. Unlike a classic scanner, where it is measured starting from two reference points, this 3D system model scans the entire environment and measures in detail everything related to the desired area. From this detailed information, the necessary data is subtracted that determines the coordinates of each scanned object. The powerful software then processes the data, transfers it to other programs, and transforms it into coordinates that can be used by architects or designers. In the future, after the whole team will have acquired all the necessary information, Adriana can contract works where a larger volume of details is needed. „I want us to accurately master all the information, and I want us to use this scanner exclusively in our work,” she says.

``I advise anyone who wants to access funds, to make the step, with all confidence!``

Adriana Bâlbă says that accessing European funds represented a real chance for her and her team and she wants to offer her services outside the country as well. „We are in Botoșani City, this area of ​​Romania that is cataloged as it is, and we want to prove that it is possible to overcome our condition, that there is potential. We have big thoughts, to reach Europe as well, we hope to achieve them. We must! We would not have been able to take this step alone. I advise anyone who wants to access funds, to make the step, with all confidence! When you want something, sooner or later it will happen. Sometimes what we want is not so easy to get, and then we don’t have to give up„.

Adriana Bâlbă is an example of modesty and optimism. She is always looking for solutions to improve, and the young team she formed is always by her side, in any challenge. Including this mobile scanning system has been a challenge, but by studying and applying the theory in practice, the equipment is becoming friendlier day by day. Adriana believes that European funds fulfill dreams, as they fulfilled hers. „I am grateful to have been given this chance and we want to continue to evolve. There is great potential in the North-East Region! Many people want and can! It is a great chance for us, the Romanians, to be able to benefit from these European funds. Why not access them? Why shouldn’t we take advantage of this opportunity? After all, these funds are not a fad. EU allows you to fulfill your dreams! To achieve more, to overcome our condition, more than we could do alone„, concludes Adriana Bâlbă.

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