More than two decades ago, beyond legal issues and political decisions, two people were hired in an empty office, donated two tables, brought their personal car and embarqued this fascinating journey of what was to become the North-East Regional Development Agency.

First the ideas come through, then the imagination awakens, the imagination urges for action and the actions determine the achievements!

The fact that, to a large extent, our work has led to a change in the face of the region, the fact that a large number of people benefit from the results of our sustained work of over 20 years, is part of our success.

In our vision, the North-East Region will be one of the favorite places in Europe where people would want to work, learn, live and invest, a blessed place that has a lot of opportunities, a beautiful nature, intelligent and hardworking people, a place where many would like to live.

But to be successful, you first need information and knowledge.

If it’s good quality, authentic and carefully selected, the information gives us the strength to build, banishes our fear of the unknown and creates the premise of progress.

In the ocean of knowledge in which we float daily, good sources of information are like good currents: they bring nutrients, they balance the climate and stabilize the planet.

Our website aims to be such a beneficial current. I invite you to let yourself be carried away by it and to reap its potential!

With love and disposability,

Vasile Asandei, General Manager