We provide support for identifying suitable international partners for trade or technological cooperation.

We provide specific information to identify personalized sources of funding.

We provide support for participation in brokerage events and international economic missions.


We evaluate and make recommendations aimed at developing the innovation capacity of companies with innovative potential.

We offer support to companies for the relationship with the academic environment, research and regional cluster structures, through prompt and personalized services.

More than 150 companies have benefited from these services since 2015, when North-East RDA became a member of the Enterprise Europe Network.



    Enterprise Europe Network is the initiative of the European Commission, being the largest network supporting enterprises to innovate and develop their activities on other markets, through specialized services provided by experts from over 600 centers, with specific expertise, located in each region of the European Union and beyond. All services are free of charge and can take the form of personalized services, which meet the specific needs of each company that addresses an EEN center.

    The mission of the Enterprise Europe Network Centers is to provide support to local companies to internationalize their business, by offering foreign trade consultancy, identifying new markets for products / services, initiating new contacts with potential partners, to develop together business / technologies or identifying financiers for new business ideas, inventions, innovations. Additional details can be found by accessing the dedicated website


    The ERBSN consortium (Eastern Romanian Business Support Network)  is member of the Enterprise Europe Network and includes 9 partner organizations that offer services to interested organizations in Romania located in Macroregion 2 (North-East and South-East Regions).

    The partners of the ERBSN consortium are:

    // Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Navigation and Agriculture – Coordinator
    // Galati Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
    // TehnopolIS Iasi – Science and Technology Park
    // North-East Regional Development Agency
    // South-East Regional Development Agency
    // IPA SA Design and Automation Institute – Galati Branch
    // Suceava Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    // Arhipelago Interactive SRL Iasi
    // 10Ability.EU SRL Bucharest

    Additional details can be found by accessing the consortium’s website


    North-East RDA, as the Enterprise Europe Network center, provides the following services:
    // identification of business partners, through access to databases with requests or offers for commercial or technological cooperation;
    // participation in brokerage events (B2B partnerships) for the development of international relations between SMEs, commercial or technological cooperation;
    // participation in European programs, requests for funding, exchange of good practices, including research and innovation programs;
    // information and consultancy regarding international public tenders, market opportunities, European legislation and policies, relevant for a company or an economic sector;
    // involvement in the policy-making process at European level, by participating in public consultations or other initiatives in the field of competitiveness and innovation;
    // support for SMEs aimed at raising their awareness of the challenges and opportunities of digital technologies to improve their business models;
    // support for SMEs to identify and address environmental and climate change issues, new sustainable business models, to increase their resilience.

    Database with requests and offers for commercial or technological cooperation:


    In this section, you can identify collaboration opportunities published in the EEN Network Centralized Database:, which includes more than 6,000 demand and offer profiles of technologies/products and services of companies from its coverage area.

    After selecting the profile of interest for you, we invite you to fill in the form related to the expression of interest for that profile (in any Romanian or English version, according to the attached models), which you will send to the address

    > Expression of Interest [EN] or [RO]

    Later, this expression of interest will be transmitted, by the experts from North-East RDA – EEN Center, to the counterpart (and partner) organization in the EEN Network, thus facilitating a direct contact between its client, mentioned in the profile, and you.

    You can also request the experts from North-East RDA – EEN Center to create and register a personalized request/offer for your company, by registering it in the EEN database.

    The advantage of using this platform for the internationalization of business partnerships is represented by the fact that the development and registration of a profile, as well as the management of the expressions of interest made/received, are activities entirely facilitated by the members of the EEN Network, thus ensuring the confidentiality and relevance of the established contacts .

    If you are interested, we invite you to contact us in order to establish ways of future collaboration.

    Contact details: tel. 0745 021438 or e-mail:, contact person Liliana Baicu, Local Coordinator.

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