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Invest North-East is a regional contact point for foreign investors, which assists and advises international companies in order to implement investment projects in the North-East Region. Foreign direct investment offers a number of advantages for the North-East Region, such as economic recovery and restructuring by introducing state-of-the-art technology and modern management, increasing production and product quality in line with economically advanced European country standards, creating new jobs, accessing new markets or stimulating local entrepreneurs and competition.

Short Presentation

The North-East Region of Romania is an area where history, culture, and tradition blend seamlessly with an incredibly attractive natural environment. The region has a population of 3,221,819 inhabitants (2022) and is comprised of six counties: Bacau, Botosani, Iasi, Neamt, Suceava, and Vaslui.

Key Investment Sectors in the North-East Region

  1. Agri-food and wood industry
  2. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  3. Textile industry
  4. Healthcare
  5. Energy and environment
  6. Tourism

Our Services

  1. Consultation and guidance at all stages of the decision-making process, including state aid and tax incentives, legal-fiscal framework, and regulations.
  2. Assistance for entrepreneurs worldwide in project implementation, providing a designated project manager as a point of contact.
  3. Identifying investment opportunities in the region, ranging from brownfield or greenfield locations to joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions.
  4. Providing access to the partnership resources of the Enterprise Europe Network.
  5. Connecting investors with the entrepreneurial environment through the Rubik Hub business incubator.
  6. Customized solutions for the development of new or existing work sites.
  7. Assisting in location selection and identifying local suppliers, matching investor needs with local resources, including natural resources, recruitment companies, workforce training, and logistics services.
  8. Identifying potential business partners in vertical or horizontal value chains and organizing investment events.
  9. High-quality „after-care” services for ongoing investor support.

Experience in Hosting Foreign Investments

ADR Nord Est has extensive experience in supporting companies of various countries and sizes in establishing themselves in the North-East Region. Our knowledge of local business and political networks and structures is made available to companies to facilitate the entire investment process.

Among the foreign companies that have already chosen to invest in the North-East Region are: Continental, Amazon, Oracle, Conduent, Lear Corporation, ZF Group, Phinia Maquinaria Agricola Sola.

Support for Investors

The Romanian state offers significant fiscal assistance for foreign investments in the North-East Region, thus facilitating business development and prosperity in this area. The budget for state aid for 2023 in Romania is approximately 445 million euros. The maximum allocation intensity ranges from 50 to 60% in the North-East Region, and the value of state aid can be between 37.5 and 45 million euros per company. To support foreign investments, there are several measures to exempt from land, building, urban planning taxes, and land use change taxes for parcels located in industrial parks.


The North-East Region has 3 international airports – Iasi, Bacau, and Suceava – serving both domestic and international flights. Iasi and Suceava airports also offer cargo transportation facilities. The region is traversed by several European road corridors, facilitating routes to Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, the western part of the country (towards Cluj), and the southern part of the country (towards Bucharest). Within the North-East Region, there are 8 industrial parks and 9 clusters, serving as regional industrial and innovation centers.


Sebastian Hrib FDI Coordinator – ADR Nord-Est