Increasing the competitiveness of the North-East Region by capitalizing on available resources, supporting intra- and inter-regional partnerships and stimulating initiatives that lead to the economic and social development of the region.


Development and increase of the quality of the regional infrastructure by capitalizing the available financial resources from Regio – RP 2021-2027

Planning and programming for the financial year 2021-2027 so as to make the most of the opportunities for the development of the North-East Region

Increasing the capacity of regional actors to develop successful projects / initiatives and to raise awareness of the need for the transition to smart and sustainable development of the region

Stimulating innovation in priority areas in the region and facilitating access to finance for public and private actors

Developing an attractive and globally active regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, by forming a community in which people can connect, access educational support and be encouraged and inspired to build successful startups

Attracting high value-added private investment to contribute to the development of the region through capital infusion, advanced technology and job creation

Increasing the level of information of the citizens of the region regarding the policies and programs of the European Union, but also of the Romanian and foreign tourists regarding the advantages of the North-East Region as a tourist destination