A small but strong team of brave people, with great dreams and very well prepared, laid the foundations of North-East RDA, in Piatra Neamț.

Their mission was a bold one and oriented towards the greater good of the inhabitants in the North-East region of Romania:

North-East RDA to become a generator of economic and social development of the North-East Region

1 APRIL 1999


// By developing and promoting strategies

// Attracting resources

// Identification and implementation of financing programs

// Services to stimulate sustainable growth, partnerships and entrepreneurship

25 PHARE CES programs

650 GRANT contracts



35 WORKS contracts

ROREG (National Association of Agencies for Regional Development) is established, at the initiative of ADR Nord-Est, which also holds the presidency.


The Regional Offices for Cross-Border Cooperation are established: BRCT Romania-Ukraine, in Suceava and BRCT Romania-Republic of Moldova, in Iași


// The FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT is signed for the implementation of the ROP 2007-2013 in the region

// The first Regional Forum „Invest in Northeast Romania” takes place in Iasi

// The first PC6 project „Discover North-East Romania”

// The foundations of the first innovation strategy of our region

// North-East RDA becomes the host structure for the Europe Direct North-East Center dedicated exclusively to the provision of European information services


// The Brussels Representation Office of the North-East RDA is established

// The North-East Regional Studies Center is established

// IMAGO-MOL – establishment of the first Regional Cluster of Molecular and Structural Imaging in Romania, in which North-East RDA is a founding member


1521 projects submitted under ROP 2007-2013

805,5 mil. EUR non-refundable allocation contracted


Signing of the FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT with the MINISTRY OF ECONOMY for taking over the responsibilities of the OI POS CCE in the North-East Region (Priority Axis 1)

543 contracted projects

111,8 mil. EUR total non-refundable funds attracted in the North-East Region


Approval of the NORTH-EAST SMART SPECIALIZATION STRATEGY and its inclusion in the Regional Development Plan 2014-2020

North-East RDA becomes host structure for the Enterprise Europe Network Center, focused on providing specialized services to support business and innovation in the North-East Region


North-East RDA becomes a member of the S3 platforms for agriculture and industrial modernization and the first governance structures of RIS3 Nord-Est are established: the Regional Innovation Consortium and the Academic Advisory Commission

Rubik Hub is established in Piatra Neamț – the first space dedicated to entrepreneurship in the North-East Region, which has a well-defined purpose: supporting and developing the entrepreneurial and start-up ecosystem in the region


1.089 mil. EUR allocated to the Nort-East Region from ROP 2014-2020

106 mil. EUR reimbursed value


1.322 submitted projects in the North-East region

77 international projects, with a total budget of 8,6 mil. EUR

20 services and TA contracts, in total value of 43,2 mil. EUR

620 graduates of professional training courses

<3.720 training hours

18 certified trainers within North-East RDA

13 programs dedicated to the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem

<60 mentored startups, 10 entered acceleration programs

We believe in continuous evolution and transformation, we believe in a future in which the North-East Region of Romania will be one of the favorite places in Europe where anyone would want to live, learn, work or invest.