North-East RDA stimulates and supports capitalizing on the regional potential

We are a non-governmental, non-profit, of public utility organization, with juridic statute, which contributes to reducing regional disparities by stimulating the economic, social and cultural development of the North-East Region in Romania. All the steps and actions taken by our organization converge towards increasing the level of prosperity of the region and increasing the quality of life among its inhabitants. Therefore, the entire activity of the North-East RDA is for the service of the general public – the inhabitants of the North-East Region.

North-East RDA was established based on law no. 151/1998 and the Decision of the Neamț Court no. 38PJ / 01.04.1999, being the executive body of the North-East Regional Development Council.


We develop and promote regional development strategies, attract resources, identify and implement financing programs and provide services for the sustainable stimulation of economic growth, international partnerships and entrepreneurship.

We are the founders of entities capable of developing regional communities, such as Rubik Hub – the largest community in the North-East Region dedicated to startups and entrepreneurship.

We have set up regional offices for cross-border cooperation in Iasi and Suceava, promoting cooperation between regions, communities and authorities through transnational development strategies for social stability and economic progress.

FACILITATORS of national and international collaborations and partnerships

We collaborate openly and impartially with all representatives of the Qvadruple Helix: Public Authorities – Academic Environment – Private Environment – Civil Society

We believe in the culture of partnerships based on reciprocity and common benefits, thus, in over 20 years, we have developed a strong network of international contacts and a regional partnerships structure that allows us to build bridges of cooperation and facilitate international collaborations for regional and local actors.

We promote projects and we are members of European networks such as:

We are founding members of:


Association of all regional development agencies in Romania, through which we have a common voice in relation to the European Commission


IMAGO-MOL is the only medical imaging cluster in Romania and in the European Union, but with a diversity of actions in the field of digital health too.


Platform for digital transformation in terms of mismatch of digital skills and learning opportunities in this field


We are the only independent body in the North-East Region that manages national and European public funds for regional development

We have the role of Management Authority for the North-East Regional Program 2021-2027 – Regio.

An organization based on PROFESSIONALISM

We are a mature organization, composed of professionals with experience in regional development and highly qualified experts.