North-East Region, through Imago-Mol Cluster and supported by North-East RDA, has coordinated for the past 2 years un European Project that supports the activity of clusters in the domain of precision medicine, MEDIC-NEST.

The main result of this project is the creation of a meta-cluster, a voluntary, open and agile alliance of European clusters and business supporting organizations strongly believing in the role of inter-cluster, cross border and cross sectoral collaboration supporting the internationalization, growth and global competitiveness of the European Precision Medicine Ecosystem.

During the final conference of the project, which was organized on the 24th of January 2024 in Brussels, with the help of the NE RDA Brussels Office, MEDIC-NEST Meta-Cluster in Precision Medicine was officially launched. MEDIC-NEST founding members (Imago-Mol Cluster – Romania, MEDVIA – Belgium, HBIO – Greece, SIVI – Spain) had the pleasure to welcome in the newly formed alliance the partner clusters:

  • Clust-ER Health – Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
  • Slovenian Innovation Hub – Slovensko inovacijsko stičišče, evropsko gospodarsko interesno združenje (Slovenia)
  • Navarra Health Cluster (Spain)
  • FundeSalud Extremadura (Spain)
  • Klaster LifeScience Krakow (Poland)
  • Health Cluster Portugal (Portugal)
  • Basque Health Cluster (Spain)
  • AI Cluster Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
  • Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria – (Bulgaria)
  • RTD HEALTH CLUSTER (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

North-East RDA will have the role of catalyst of the actions of the meta-cluster, the first president of the initiative being Mrs. Alina Căpitanu, vice-president of the Imago-Mol Cluster and Head of the External Projects office within North-East RDA.