Permanently concerned with expanding the horizons of cooperation for actors in the North-East Region, the North-East RDA has undertaken its mission to identify, facilitate and contribute to the development of international partnerships and inter-regional pilot initiatives, which can generate the premises for knowledge, good practices or concrete business opportunities.

The latest initiative in this regard is the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the North-East Regional Development Agency and the AMWORLD Group of Enterprises.

AMWORLD Group of Enterprises is a well-diversified group of Companies comprising of AMWORLD M&A, AMpay & AMWORLD Healthcare. M/S AMWORLD M&A, a Global Transaction Advisory firm engaged in financial and strategic advisory services to growing companies and to corporate’s and brings strategic partners to their projects. AMWORLD is privately owned Growth consultancy firm that specializes in raising capital for public or privately owned companies through acquisition, private placement, or reverse merger.

AMWORLD specializes in cross-continental merger and acquisition services, acting as a catalyst to represent customers in arranging the sale of companies in the middle market. In addition, AMWORLD has extensive experience in creating a business model through the direct distribution network, developing the global franchise and strategic collaborations to increase its global presence.

The objective of this Memorandum of Understanding is to establish and facilitate a collaboration framework between ADR Nord-Est and AMWORLD in the following sectors with specialization or development potential: Agri-food, Automobiles and auxiliaries, Energy, Environmental technologies, Health and wellness, Tourism, Industry Wood, Information Technology and Process Engineering.

Effective cooperation will consist of:

  • Positioning North-East RDA as a promotional agency to attract investment and facilitate access to the European market for Indian entrepreneurs in the North-East region, with the support of AMWORLD;
  • Positioning AMWORLD as a promotion agency for attracting investment, expanding operations in India or the Asian market for entrepreneurs in the North-East region, with the support of North-East RDA;
  • Facilitating the cooperation for the development of the start-up ecosystem from the 2 geographical territories concerned, ensuring, in this sense, the participation of incubators, accelerators and entrepreneurial universities;
  • Facilitating international cooperation in the field of regional development between North-East RDA and entities in India (specific regions: states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Northern Capital Region) with responsibilities, objectives and responsibilities equivalent to its own.

“You are well aware of our concerns in the field of attracting foreign investment, which we have also committed to the North-East Regional Development Board. This framework of collaboration with AMWORLD, created by my colleagues, outside a funding program, is a good opportunity to promote the North-East Region in order to attract new foreign investment, but also to internationalize the business of interested companies in the region. A special emphasis of the collaboration will be granted to the development of the start-up ecosystem, on the animation of the business incubators and accelerators in the two territories ” declared Vasile Asandei, Director General of North-East RDA.