THE REGIONAL INNOVATION CONSORTIUM (CRI): is a consultative structure, without legal personality, coordinated by RDA, composed of representatives of academia, research, innovative enterprises, public authorities and civil society, with a role in approving and monitoring RIS3 Nord- East, approval of the regional framework document developed for programming the financing from Axis 1-Promotion of technology transfer, Regional Operational Program (ROP) 2014-2020, approval of the portfolio of priority projects of RIS3 North-East, analysis and prioritization of projects for innovation and technology transfer structures , according to Axis 1, POR 2014-2020. Number of full members – 36.

Academic Advisory Commission (BCC): the consultative structure, without legal personality, composed of representatives of the regional academic environment whose main role is to support RDA in defining, reviewing and evaluating RIS3 North-East. Number of full members – unlimited.


// Regional Innovation Consortium

// Academic Advisory Commission


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