On the North-South direction there are important roadways and railways that ensure most of the goods and passengers traffic.

Bucuresti – Bacau – Roman – Suceava – Siret Siret (border checkpoint) – E85 international road;
Suceava -Vatra Dornei- Cluj (E576) that mahes the link with international road E60 Cluj Napoca-Oradea;
Bacau – Brasov – Pitesti  E574 (cthat makes the link with E70 Craiova – Vidin – Scopje);
Bucuresti-Barlad – Albita (border checkpoint) – Chisinau – international road E581 that crosses over Vaslui County;
Roman-Tg. Frumos with connections to Botosani (E58) and Iasi – Sculeni (E 583)

Railway main lines with the following routes:
Bucuresti – Bacau – Suceava – Siret – Ucraina – highway 500;
Bucuresti – Iasi – Ungheni – Republica Moldova – highway 600.

Air transport in the region is provided through the following airports:
Bacau – intern and international;
Iasi – intern and international;
Suceava – intern and international.