Bacau – famous in the Middle Ages as a customs point and commercial center, is still an important industrial and university center, with a strong, dynamic economy and which attracts many foreign investments.

Botosani – old shopping center, the city was the place of origin for important Romanian artists, writers and musicians, recognized worldwide, such as Mihai Eminescu, George Enescu and Nicolae Iorga. Today it is an important center for regional development, in terms of the textile and processing industry.

Iasi – a strong industrial center and also one of the most important university centers of culture, art, tradition and spirituality in Romania, has been the capital of Moldova for centuries.

Piatra Neamt – a tourist town located in one of the most beautiful intramountain depressions on the border of the Eastern Carpathians, is recognized for the mountain experiences it offers, but also as a starting point on the road to the monasteries of Moldova. It is the city of residence of the North-East Development Region.

Suceava – a city that has not lost its historical charm, as evidenced by the Citadel of the Chair, the Citadel of the West and other historical monuments, today one of the centers of a developing tourism industry and important starting points in the spiritual journey of visiting monasteries from the North of Moldova.

Vaslui – witness city of important defining historical events for today’s Romania, Vaslui is remarkable for its archaeological treasures, ethnographic values and folk art and, at the same time, famous nationally and internationally for its vineyards and high quality of wines.