North-East Regional Development Board (RDB) is the deliberative authority at regional level and it consists of:

// the presidents of County Councils in the region;

// One representative from Municipalities of the each county of the region

// One representative from Towns of the each county of the region

// One representative from Communes of the each county of the region.

The Regional Development Board’s meetings are attended by the prefects of North-East Region counties as non-voting members.

The North-East Regional Development Board’s tasks are:

// Coordinates the activity of the Regional Development Agency, monitors the accomplishment of regional development policy and objectives and provide an equal and fair approach toward all the counties from the region;

// Analyses and approve regional development strategy and programs;

// Approves criteria, priorities, distribution and destinations of Regional Development Fund;

// Monitors the funds allocated to RDA from National Regional Development Fund;

// Analyses and approves selection criteria and priorities for regional development projects;

// Analyses and approves regional development projects proposed by RDA;

// Approves documents designed to get the” disadvantage area” status;

// The Regional Development Board is chaired by a president and a vice-president and these positions are changed every year between county’s representatives. The President and the vice-president must represent different counties.

// The secretariat of Regional Development Board is provided by the Regional Development Agency.

// The director of Regional Development Agency participates to all Regional Development Board’s meetings.

// All other participants to Regional Development Board’s meetings, excepting the members, are non-voting participants. But they can make proposals to Board’s members and if it is necessary, analyze and vote them.

// Within the exercise of its own attributions the Regional Development Board takes decisions by the simple majority of votes.

The North-East Regional Development Board carried out the first meeting on 20th November 1998 when the Council’s President and the Vice-President were elected. During this meeting the Organization and Functioning Regulations of the North-East Regional Development Agency were approved.

The actual President of RDB is Mr. Costel Alexe, the President of Iași County Council.