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Mission Statement

RDA is a generator of economic and social development in the North-East Region. RDA develops strategies, attracts resources, identifies and implements financing programmes and offers services for stimulating sustainable economic development, partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit.

Financing Sources

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Operational Programmes

Operational Programmes related to the Convergence Objective

The National Development Plan is the strategic planning and multi-annual financial programming document, which aims to direct and stimulate the Romania’s economic and social development accordingly to the Cohesion Policy of the European Union

In line with the Cohesion Policy, NDP represents the instrument of public investment prioritisation for development. The reason for NDP elaboration is to set up the directions for allocation of the public funds for investments with a significant impact on the socio-economic development, from internal sources (State budget, local budgets) or external (cohesion and structural funds, EU funds for rural development and fishery, external credits, etc.) aiming the diminishing of development against EU and internal disparities.

The Romanian Government approved the NDP 2007-2013 in December 2005, document that was afterwards submitted to the European Commission.

Having as basis the NDP, the Ministry of Public Finance, as the Management Authority of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), elaborated the NSRF during the period of February – April 2006.

In the same time, the drafts of the 7 Operational Programmes were elaborated by the Management Authority designated for each Operational Programme, which represents the document approved by the European Commission for implementing the regional and sectorial priorities from NDP, approved for financing through the NSRF.

The Operational Programmes were approved by the ministry that coordinates the line Management Authority and by the Ministry of Public Finance as national coordinator.
Regional Operational Programme

Sectorial Operational programme - Transport
Sectoral Operational Programme ENVIRONMENT
Regional Operational Programme
Operational Programme Technical Assistance
Operational Programme Administrative Capacity Development
Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development

Operational Programmes related to the European territorial cooperation objective

Within the European territorial cooperation objective, the allocated amount for Romania is of 404 millions euro and it will finance the following operational programmes:

- Romania - Hungary Operational Programme
- Romania - Bulgaria Operational Programme
- Romania – Serbia-Muntenegru Operational Programme
- Romania – Republic Moldova Operational Programme
- Romania – Ukraine Operational Programme
- South East European Space Operational Programme
- Black Sea Basin Operational Programme

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