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RDA is a generator of economic and social development in the North-East Region. RDA develops strategies, attracts resources, identifies and implements financing programmes and offers services for stimulating sustainable economic development, partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit.


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Cradle to Cradle Network



„Cradle to Cradle” has been defined in a very concise way by its initiators – Michael Braungart si William McDonough – as being a concept of sustainability according to which “Waste is food”. Other words, in their vision people can get sustainable development by recycling materials in closed loops and giving up to the strict dependency on raw materials.

The project objective is to develop regional action plans able to reflect the principles of Cradle to Cradle concept, systemizing the own regional interpretations in terms of the way the good practices have been evaluated by the network and could be implemented through regional programmes funded from structural funds. The project is structured in two phases. Phase one is to concentrate on transferring the good practices already identified. Phase two will imply the development of regional action plans, action supported by additional activities that are to be implemented jointly and individually at regional level.

Lead partner:

Province of Limburg, Holland

North-East RDA partner in the project along with other 9 partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria, France, Finland, UK, Hungary and Slovenia

Project duration
24 months, starting November 2009

Total project budget: 2,479,234.37 Euro
Total budget of North-East RDA as partner: 127,933.40 of which
Public co-financing: 125,374.73 Euro
Own contribution: 2,558.67 Euro

Source of financing
INTERREG IV C Interregional Cooperation Programme
Priority 2: Environment protection and risk prevention
Sub-theme: Waste management
Project type: Capitalization project


Events and news

16th of February 2012 - On 29 February 2012, the North-East Regional Development Agency successfully completes the implementation of a demonstrative project for the European Union – Cradle to Cradle Network.

The Cradle to Cradle (C2C) principle is an ambitious approach of sustainable development.

People must be capable to produce, consume and live in the way they already used to. Still, they have to do it in such a way as consumption and production to be structured in a innovative manner that cannot negatively affect the ecologic system and not lead to the exhausting of the energy resources of the planet. Given the fact that Europe appreciated that the initiative of the Province of Limburg in the Netherlands joined by the nine partners from Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, France, Finland, Austria, Hungary and Romania will contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the European Union’s policy concerning economic growth and eco-innovation, the project took the benefit of being financed with ERDF funds under INTERREG IV C programme for a budget amounted to Euro 1.9 million and the European Commission got actively involved in project implementation as the eleventh partner.


16th of  December 2011 - Brussels embraces C2CN results - “Implement now and keep the network alive,” says European Commission to Cradle to Cradle Network.

In 2008 the European Commission encouraged the Dutch Province of Limburg to cooperate with other European regions on opportunities and conditions for enabling European goals such as jobs and growth, innovation and efficient use of scarce resources.

In this search the ‘cradle to cradle’ concept functions as a two-edged sword. There is no waste of resources as materials are reused as valuable raw materials in another cycle after their initial use. To achieve this products and services are redeveloped in a safe and sustainable way. It calls for innovations which will also stimulate the economy.

For two years - in 2010 and 2011 - the Cradle to Cradle Network and its internal and external stakeholders developed a solid project. A firm theoretical base, proven results and recommendations were submitted to the European institutions on 8 December in Brussels. Both the content and the way C2CN was organised, received the highest esteem of all those present. The European Commission stressed the use of the network’s recommendations.

Judith Merkies MEP, rapporteur on the flagship innovation, called ‘resource intelligence’, i.e. less use and better and preciser application of resources, the message for the future. She considered the work of the network to be a good first step. President of the Flemish Parliament Jan Peumans admired the way the ten European partners accomplished the project successfully.

The task now for each of the ten regions is to ensure that the legacy of the project leads to continuing progress in the field of resource management and that they respond to the European Commission’s appeal to ‘keep the network alive’.

Starting with the 1st of January 2012 the first C2C projects are going to be also promoted in the North-East Region through the preparation and application of 2 pre-proposals for the Second Call of Proposals for Cross Border Programme RO-UA-MD for:
•    creating a cross-border platform for exchanging materials and waste administrated by local public administrations (lead partner: Municipality of Botosani);
•    promoting the advantages of using non-conventional construction materials in the housing area (lead partner: Ghe. Zane University of Iasi);
•    Creation of a youth camp operational based on the principle “green integrated system”, a rehabilitated building and a pack of specific activities (lead partner: Vaslui County Council).
All these along with elaboration and promotion of the North-East Regional Action Plan for Eco-Effectiveness based on the Cradle to Cradle good practices identified and selected from European level, connecting the region to the newest principles in terms of ecologic management, training of some employees of the local public administration in fields like integrated management and thermal insulation of the buildings or preparation of technical specifications for updating the local development strategies in the municipalities of Suceava, Botosani, Iasi, Piatra Neamt, Bacau and Bacau County Council represent the immediate and actual gain of the region from this project promoted by the North-East RDA. 

Powerpoint presentation - Maastricht, 7th of december 2012 - C2C activity implementation stage in North-East Region of Romania

8-9 June 2011, Iasi - C2C Conference

Over 170 persons attended the Cradle to Cradle Conference in Iasi: the lead partner, regional representatives and owners of good practices such as Eastex Materials Exchange (UK), Province of Limburg (The Netherlands), Green Building Council (Romania), Agenzia di Sviluppo S.p.A. (Italy) and Ecoprofit (Austria).

During the 2 days conference the Cradle to Cradle Network’s representatives reflected upon two very important topics: how the good practices identified in a region could be implemented in another partner region and which is the value added by the INTERREG IV C project to the future regional policies.

Powerpoint presentations from conference, 8-9th of June 2011

C2CN - TV Interview June 8, 2011 - Iasi, Romania from Ovidiu Savu on Vimeo.


20-21th of January 2011, Graz - Mid Term Conference


Interview with Michael Braungart (EPEA - Environment Protection Encouraging Agency, Germany), 20-21 january 2011, Graz (Austria)

!Watch Interview M. Braungart  [part I] si Interview M. Braungart [part II]


12-13th of July 2010, Leuven, Belgium - Seminar on governance


Project publications and materials

1.    Project brochure: A Journey from Cradle to Cradle
A brochure introducing the tactical and operational goals of the project as well as the general approach of the project

2.    Cradle to Cradle: Theoretical Framework
The Theoretical Framework was intended to provide more detailed information on the principles of the Cradle to Cradle concept and its implications at a theoretical level. The framework helped the project partners to develop a common language for the entire network and underpinned the perspective studies and the ongoing work of the C2CN

3.    Thematic Perspective Studies – The purpose of these perspective studies was to serve as frame of reference for follow-up activities and exchanges both within and outside the Cradle to Cradle Network (C2CN) and they aim to reflect the current challenges and opportunities associated with implementing a Cradle to Cradle approach. In total, four perspective studies have been written, in the areas on:
- Industry
- Area Spatial Development
- Governance for C2C
- Build

4.    Cradle to Cradle Network Initiatives Guide (Guide of good practices)
Compendium of good practices collected from European level from the four thematic areas that are first and foremost examples of practical efforts of practices aiming at real live implementation of C2C inspired thinking.

5.    Cradle to Cradle Network: Policy Recommendations
C2C acknowledges an eco-effective way of working and the need to change systems. This new transition requires a common framework which can give structure and direction and support a coherent approach for the integration of C2C principles in existing policy lines.

6.    Guide on C2C: Beyond Waste Management
This Guide on C2C beyond waste management provides insight in the major challenges Europe and its policies have for making the transition towards a society where waste has become resource.

7.    C2C Regional Action Plan North-East Romania


For more information on Cradle to Cradle Network please visit dedicated web page: