The Technical Assistance Program, offered by the Representation of the World Bank in Romania, in the North-East Region, hereinafter referred to as WBG TA, is a consequence of the „Regions Remaining” Initiative and is based on a financing agreement signed between WBG (World Bank). Group) and DG Regio.

The overall objective of the WBG TA program is to increase innovation capacity by developing and testing three assistance programs implemented in the North-West and North-East regions and a national program, including monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. These programs are directly addressed to knowledge generators in the region (researchers, universities, innovators) in order to create bridges between them and entities able to absorb knowledge (companies, entrepreneurs) and turn it into products and services required by the market. The emphasis will be on creating favorable framework conditions and developing the administrative capacity of the structures to stimulate collaboration and technology transfer.

WBG TA was officially launched in September 2018 and will run for 24 months.

Objective: To support the European Commission’s efforts to develop institutional capacity in the regions of Romania, in order to create and implement regional innovation programs based on international practices
Research Results Recovery Program (RVP)

– Objective: Technical assistance for the direct and indirect support of the commercialization of research projects

– Beneficiaries: Selected research teams, selected TTOs from the North-East and North-West Regions

Structured Research Contract Program (SCRP)

– Objective: Technical assistance for the use of research infrastructure and human resources in order to create an additional private sector revenue stream for universities and other public research structures

– Beneficiaries: Selected research departments, selected TTOs from the North-East and North-West Regions

Proof of Concept (PoCP) Program

– Objective: Technical assistance for the creation and implementation of a grant scheme for innovation in the early stages of product and process development. Increasing the capacity of RDA for the design of financing mechanisms to increase the infusion of innovative projects

– Beneficiaries: Startups, SMEs, RDA at national level

Institutional Technology Transfer Program (TTIBP)

– Objective: To increase the capacity of TTOs, or other similar structures, to define and implement intellectual property policies so that they can conduct commercial transactions with third parties

– Beneficiaries: TTOs or departments within public research structures with similar functions to selected TTOs in the North-East and North-West Regions

The Research Valorization Program (RVP) is addressed to public research organizations and is intended to support research teams in order to capitalize on the marketing potential of the results of research conducted.

The Structured Contract Research Program (SCRP) supports public research organizations and promotes collaboration with industry by using existing research infrastructure (physical assets and human resources) for various research and testing for the benefit of companies.

The Institutional Building Transfer Program (TTIBP) develops the capacity of technology transfer offices (TTOs) by evaluating the aspects of Intellectual Property in the context of TTO operations (1), by evaluating the organizational models of the TTO (2) and the training of TTO staff to define and implement policies for intellectual property rights and to conclude contracts with third parties.

The Proof of Concept (PoCP) program supports innovation in the early stages of developing new products and processes at the level of companies (start-ups, SMEs). It also supports the managing authorities (MA and IB) in creating a dedicated PoCP financing program for all 8 development regions, as part of the Regional Operational Program (ROP).