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RDA is a generator of economic and social development in the North-East Region. RDA develops strategies, attracts resources, identifies and implements financing programmes and offers services for stimulating sustainable economic development, partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Regional Centre of Studies

Logo CrsThe alternative for services of excellence in training of human resources in the North-East Region

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ANorth-East Regional Development Agency's mission is to support economic and social development of the region in order to reduce intra and inter-regional imbalances for improving the quality of life and achieving the European standards.

In this context, North-East RDA has established the North-East Regional Centre of Studies (CRS) that will have a double goal:
-    conducting training activities by providing courses certified by CNFPA (National Council for Adult Vocational Training) and specialized training in the field of regional development. Thus, we establish various forms of cooperation with relevant stakeholders in the field of education, business environment and public administration who are interested in developing the North-East Region.
-    research and study in regional development area. In this area, the center is aimed at identifying and analyzing the region's economic strengths and economic networks, by focusing on the region's productive force, urbanization, industrialization and internationalization of regional trade, environmental protection and sustainable development of the region.

The need to establish the North-East Regional Center of Studies (CRS) is imposed and justified by existed needs, in response to the evolution of the Romanian economic environment and from desire to meet the training needs of staff within organizations and partners we work with. It also noted the lack of highly qualified and professional consulting in the business environment, management and implementation of EU-financed projects and to stimulate and develop partnerships between social, educational and economic entities of the region and beyond.

In over 12 years of existence, managing and implementing European projects, North-East RDA, as Contracting Authority for Phare programs and Intermediate Body for Regional Operational Programme, formed a team of specialists with a practical experience and theoretical basis in several specific and complementary areas of projects. These experiences integrate knowledge, skills and specific skills for some critical occupations to the labor market such as the: Project Manager, Human Resources Manager, Public Procurement Expert, but also in other specialties (ex. executive coaching, territorial marketing, Cost-benefit analysis, financial audit, innovative Strategies, etc.).
Thus, emerged the idea to transfer and deliver this knowledge base to specialized public, who needs updated and specific information, through North-East CRS, in the framework of training programs for adults. 


Training programs are shaped so they adapt to organization’s needs, both by content and learning methods, and by adjusting the degree of difficulty of concepts to the training level of participants, learning process being based on partnership.

In a first phase the center will provide training courses for the following occupations:
-    Project Manager – COR Code 242101 (36 hours of theory, 72 hours of practice)
-    Human Resources Manager –COR Code 121207 (36 hours of theory, 72 hours of practice)
-    Public Procurement Expert – COR Code 214946 (23hours of theory, 54 hours of practice)

! These courses are training programs for occupations in the Catalogue of Occupations in Romania, are authorized CNFPA (National Council for Adult Vocational Training) and end with graduation certificates recognized by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection and Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation.