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RDA is a generator of economic and social development in the North-East Region. RDA develops strategies, attracts resources, identifies and implements financing programmes and offers services for stimulating sustainable economic development, partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Esti aici: Innovation


Regional Innovation Strategy

The Regional Innovation Strategy encourages the creation of an economic competitive environment by establishing and developing innovative companies, developing modern technologies in RDI institutes, valorisation of this infrastructure and stimulating partnership creation between universities, research institutes and companies.


  • to enhance the knowledge and innovation generation, diffusion and utilisation in the region, through effective transfer system and innovation commercialisation.
  • to increase the regional added value and to generate new economic activities.
  • to promote the adequate social and economic environment to extend and maintain innovation process and entrepreneurial culture.


  1. Improve the capacity of research -development-innovation of RDI institutions from NE Region with the purpose to increase the economic regional competitiveness .
  2. To develop the capacity of enterprises to be innovative including improvement of business support infrastructure.
  3. Develop an innovative entrepreneurial culture in North-East region.
  4. Improve human resources dedicated to RDI sector.

Please find attached below the final version of this document.

Regional Innovation Strategy
Annex 1 - Research an Excellence Centres (Romanian version)
Annex 2 - SMEs (Romanian version)
Annex 3 - Universities and RDI Units (Romanian version)

Documente Utile

Management of public R&D institutions in Romania (uploaded May 2010)

The articles published in the "INFO NORD-EST" Newsletter

Starting from July 2005 the project was promoted in the Region through articles published in our periodical newsletter “INFO NORD-EST”. The newsletter is published quarterly and it is distributed to all partner organizations at local, regional and national level.

Please find attached below the articles published until now:
1. The article - The Innovation Strategy in the North-East Region as a result of the „Discover NE Romania” project’s implementation - published in no. 7/2005
2. The article - Innovation Strategy in the North-East Region - published in no. 8/2006
3. The article - The innovation’s perspectives in the North-East Region - published in no. 9/2006
4. The article - New steps in the elaboration of a Regional Innovation Strategy - published in no. 10/2006
5. The article - The analysis of needs concerning the innovation at SMEs level – a major objective of the DISCOVER NE ROMANIA project - published in no. 11/2007
6. The article - RIS Project DISCOVER NE ROMANIA at the end of the second year of implementation - published in no. 12/2007
7. The article - Regional Strategy for Innovation - Subject of interest at the Regional Investment Forum North-East Romania, 4th edition, Bacău, 1st- 2nd of November 2007 - published in no. 13/2007
8. The article - First Regional Strategy for Innovation in North-East Romania - result of the implementation of the project RIS DISCOVER NE ROMANIA - published in no. 14/2008

Leaflet for promoting DISCOVER NE project

Attached below you can find the leaflet used for promoting RIS DISCOVER North-East project. This is available for download in two versions: print and text only.
Leaflet - print version
Leaflet - text only

Reference documents

Please find attached below a collection of documents, essential for the organizing and operating of North-East RDA.
Government decision Regarding the approval for establishing the Region for Development North-East
LAW no. 315 28 June 2004 on regional development in Romania
The Law No. 215/April 23, 2001 - Law on local public administration


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Financing period: June 2005 – April 2008
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